Investment Management

101 Federal Street
Boston, MA 02110-1821

Investment Management

Civic Capital Group, based in Boston, Massachusetts, offers hedge fund management to clients.  The investment boutique specializes in civic-minded investments that aid in the growth of society.  Founder and President, John DeSantis, CFA has more than 30 years of investment experience.

The Hedge Fund
So what is a hedge fund, exactly? It is merely an investment vehicle. The defining characteristic is trying to protect (hedge) against risk. Rules define who can invest in an hedge fund (

Annual Publication
We produce an annual publication, Annual Report Trivia & Investable Trends, that reviews annual reports of companies each year and provides a collection of eye-opening statements taken from these reports. While these statements are interesting and provide investment insights, they are often just fun cocktail party conversation starters.

Monthly Letter
Clients receive a letter that covers the performance of the fund along with a feature story each month.

Group of People Going over a Problem, Hedge Fund in Boston, MA
Civic minded investments = capitalism at its best